For the 1st time you will be able to renew your U3A Ringwood membership online (from 1st November 2019) or you can continue to use our (simplified) paper application forms. The choice is yours.

Our summer classes and our normal classes are parts of the same membership system. This means you can enrol in both types of classes online or by using the same paper form.

Class Description Documents

To help you select your 2020 courses, you can obtain class description documents from our Parkwood office or you can view them online using the following link:

Renewing Your Membership Online

When you select and confirm your 2020 courses online, you automatically start the 2020 membership renewal process.

You will be able to see and enrol online in our 2020 classes, including our summer classes, from 1st November. You will no longer see our 2019 courses from 1st November.

We still need a signed 2020 membership paper form – but all you need to do is fill in some very basic information then sign and date it. If you cannot print the 2020 member appliccation, you can obtain one from our Parkwood office.

The 2020 membership application form, and instructions for enrolling online, are contained in the link below:

Renewing Your Membership Using Paper Forms

You start your 2020 membership renewal process when you return a signed and completed 2020 membership application form to us. You will need to list, on the form, the class names and codes (including summer classes) that you wish to enrol in.

If you are an existing member, you will find it much easier to complete the paper form. All you need to do is:

• write your name at the top of the form (your member number is optional)
• complete what has changed for you under the My Details section
• complete the Class Enrolments section
• sign and date the document

You can get the paper version of the 2020 membership application from our Parkwood office or you can download, and print it, using the link below:

Finalising your 2020 Enrolment

You finalise your 2020 membership by returning a signed membership application form and paying the 2020 membership fee (optional for tutors).
The first opportunity to do so is during our membership event on 7th and 8th November. This applies to those who enrolled online or by paper forms.

We will be raffling the Soniq 48 inch LCD TV, from Parkwood’s CR3, during this event. Tickets are $1 for one or $2 for three and are on sale on 7th and 8th November only. The prize will be drawn on Friday 8th November.

Please note: If you enrol in a class that has ** in the course title, your enrolment in that class will be initially wait listed because the Class Leaders of these classes have indicated that a certain skill level or class continuity is required. You will be advised by email if you have been accepted into the class early in January.

2020 Membership Renewals