Covid19 Contact Tracing @ U3A Ringwood

U3A Ringwood

To support contact tracing and to maximise class room usage, all members and visitors must “check-in” electronically using U3A Ringwood’s QR codes supplied by the Victorian Government. The information required is:

  • Your first name and surname

  • Your phone number (mobile or landline)

The information is stored by the Victorian government for 28 days.

Please remain CovidSafe and wear your mask as required by the Victorian Government.

Check-In Electronically

We have placed QR codes at the entrances to our premises, in hallways and in our classrooms. The QR code is specific to a U3A Ringwood location (Parkwood, Kevin Pratt and Scout hall) so be sure that the QR code you are scanning is for U3A Ringwood (our name and address is printed above the QR code). Remember the premises we use are used by other organisations with their own QR codes.

There are a number of ways of checking in electronically using your smartphone. They all require that your smartphone has mobile broadband data connectivity.  Not all smartphone cameras are compatible with scanning QR codes and not all QR Code APPs work well with our QR codes. 

The options are:

  1. If you have a modern smartphone you can open up your smartphone’s Camera APP and allow it to focus on the code. Your smartphone will then identify the code and say what to do next (look for message on your screen and tap on it). If all goes well you will be prompted to enter your first name and phone number into a Business Victoria’s web page. After you do you will be prompted to save this information for subsequent check-ins. If this option doesn’t work try using Option 2.

  2. Download the Service Victoria APP from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store APP on your smartphone.  Please don’t rely on other QR APPs as they may not work. Once installed on your smartphone open the Service Victoria APP, permit the APP to use your camera then allow it to focus on the code. You should then be asked to enter your first name, surname and phone number. The APP allows you to save this information for subsequent check-ins. If this option doesn’t work try using option 3.

  3. If you have downloaded and opened the Service Victoria APP but the QR code will not scan, look for and click on ‘Having trouble? Check in manually’. This will allow you to enter the location code for U3A Ringwood at that location. The location code is immediately under the QR code. You can do this for other members who don’t have a suitable smartphone.

Don’t Have Smartphone? It doesn’t Work with QR codes?  Don’t Have A Mobile Data Plan?

Thing thing to do is ask someone who has a suitable smartphone to record your attendance for you (see option 2 above).

At Parkwood, where we have an internet connection, we have placed a smart phone linked to our wi-fi, in each classroom to assist members to use the QR Code. The PCH-based smartphones can be used if you forget to bring your smartphone, it has issues or you want to assist others.

For classes held at KPP and the Scout Hall (where we do not have an internet connection and there are logistical issues) we are assessing how we can assist members to sign in using the QR Code.

Testing Your Smartphone

The image below is for Parkwood based classrooms and office. You can see our address above the QR code and the location code below the QR code. You can use this image to test your QR code scanning capabilities. 

You can use the following image to test out your QR scanning capabilities but please do not complete the check in process if you are just testing. Be aware that the QR scan code below is only for Parkwood. KPP and Scout hall classes have different QR scan codes.

Check-In with Pen and Paper

Unfortunately we cannot offer pen and paper options except as one off exceptions due to technical issues such as mobile networks or NBN are down. 

Please ensure you or someone else records your attendance electronically as soon as possible once you enter the building for a class or perform other U3A Ringwood roles.

Covid19 Contact Tracing @ U3A Ringwood​