Online Classes


We deliver of some of our classes online using Zoom Cloud Meetings during COVID lockdowns. Check out our online classes calendar (below) to see which online classes are available and the days/times they run.

If you are an U3A Ringwood tutor, and wish to schedule an online class, you can use the calendar to find available timeslots. We can run two classes concurrently on Zoom.

Once you have decided to run your class online your Committee will:

  • Provide you with access to our paid Zoom Pro license (so you don’t hit the 40 min time limit with the free version)

  • Set up your class in Zoom and send an email to your class members inviting them to join your classs

  • Manage your online class for you, in the background, including starting the meeting and accepting class members into your class.

Installing and Using Zoom

We recommend that you use a home internet broadband connection to access our online classes. We do not recommend using a mobile broadband internet connection as you may easily exceed your mobile data allowance.

Zoom Cloud Meetings (Version 5 or higher) needs to be installed on your preferred device to join U3A Ringwood’s online classes. If you have used Zoom on your device, it is already installed and you do not need to re-install it. If you have never used Zoom on your device we highly recommend that you install it before your online class starts.

To install Zoom Cloud Meetings application, you will need to:

  • Select which device you want to use. You can use a tablet/iPad, a smartphone or laptop (recommended). You can also use a Windows or MAC or Linux desktop with speakers and a microphone – a web camera is optional. We recommend using a laptop/desktop (with speakers and mic), if you have one, as you will see more on a larger screen. However, tablets and smartphone do work OK.

  • Click here to see how to install Zoom Cloud Meetings on your device. If you have a Win10 computer you can click here to download Zoom.

You do not need to sign up to Zoom to join a class. You just need the Zoom meeting link for your class or its Zoom Meeting ID/Password (from the invitation email that we send to you). You have two different ways to join your online class each week:

Option 1: (eMail and Zoom on difference devices)

  • Start the Zoom Cloud Meetings app on your device about 5-15 mins before the start time of the class

  • Click or Press the ‘Join A Meeting’ icon

  • Carefully enter the Meeting ID (see below). If you get it wrong, close the app and start again. You won’t get into the class if wrong.

  • Enter your first and last name where indicated if not already shown.

  • Click or press the ‘Join’ iconYou can elect to turn off video if you prefer.

  • Carefully enter meeting password (see below)

  • That’s it.

To use this option, we recommend that you write down the meeting ID and meeting password from your invitation email so that you can readily access them each time your class is scheduled to run.

Option 2: (Email and Zoom and on same device)

  • Click on the Zoom link near the end of of your class invitation email

  • Click on ‘Open” option if you see a message such as “The site is trying to open Zoom Meetings

  • You can elect to turn off video if you prefer after you join the meeting.

  • That’s it.

To use this option, you must not delete your original class invitation email as it contains the link. You will need to refer back to the class invitation email each time your class is scheduled to run.

You may get a message such as:

  • Waiting for host to start the meeting, and/or

  • Waiting for host to admit you to the meeting (or similar)

These measures protect the class from ‘Zoombombing’ by strangers. You will be in the class once the host starts the meeting and admits you.

Please note we will not send out reminders for recurrent online classes. It’s up to you to remember when your online class is on!

There are a number of sources offering help for installing Zoom, scheduling meetings, joining meetings, etc.

U3A Network has guides for tutors and class members:

YouTube provide a multitude of videos to show you Zoom in a classroom setting and also how to use Zoom.

The Zoom website has many resources for you to learn more about Zoom.

If you are a U3A Ringwood tutor, our Zoom Administrators will help you get your class online.

  • Using more than one Zoom connected device, in the same room, causes annoying feedback being heard by all class participants. If you have more than one class participant, in your hosehold, please share your device or use different rooms for each device.

  • You need to be a member of a class to participate in its online version.

  • Class limits and waiting list apply.

  • Not all classes are suitable for being online.

  • New classes may be added at any time.

  • You do not need to sign up for Zoom or log in to Zoom to participate in our online classes. It’s up to you if you wish to do so.

  • We use Zoom Pro licenses for our online classes so there’s isn’t a 40min limit imposed by free Zoom accounts.

  • We will invite class members to join an online class when their class is available online.

  • You need an email address to receive the invitation to participate in an online class.

  • You should join an online class about 5-15 minutes before it is scheduled to start.

  • You will need the Zoom meeting ID and password (or the meeting link) for your online class each time you join it. So, keep the emailed class invitation handy and do not delete it.

  • The Zoom meeting ID and password (or the meeting link) only applies to the class you are invited to. It cannot be used for other classes.

  • You can choose if you want others to see you (video ON) or just hear you.

  • The host needs to start the online class and admit you to it before you can actually join an online class.

  • We recommend that you use your home WiFi broadband for our online classes and videos rather than potentially expensive mobile broadband.

  • If you need help send an email to

Free Be Connected Courses

Join thousands of Australians who are taking the Be Connected free courses on everything from learning more about your computer/mobile device to accessing the internet, keeping safe, shopping online, banking online, keeping in touch with others and much more.

The following are some of the topics offered by Be Connected that we can provide you with assistance/mentoring. 

Be Connected provide simple, easy to understand learning activites to explain how to get the best out of your Windows and Apple computers, Apple phones and tablets and Android phones and tablets.

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or a competent user.  The Be Connected courses help you to increase your understanding of the Internet and your device.

myGov lets you access a range of government services online without the long queues and running around. The Be Connected course shows you how to get started safely on myGov, so you can explore how to set up a myGov account, link to services like Medicare, and make a Medicare claim. They also examine what My Health Record is and how to access it.  

Read about two real-life cases where scammers were successful in getting information or money out of their victims by posing as ATO and Medicare employees. Learn how you can protect yourself against falling for a tax or Medicare scam

Fake news has been around since before the internet was born – it just spreads so much quicker and wider now thanks to the web. Be Connected looks at different types of fake news and provide tips on how to spot fake stories online.

You can do these Be Connected courses and many more at home. U3A Ringwood can provide mentoring service to help you as you do the courses.

All you need to do is to nominate U3A Ringwood, when you sign up,  as your support centre on the Be Connected web site.

You do not need to be a member of U3A Ringwood to join our Be Connected classes.

Class Resources

We have a video of our ShiBaShi class so that you can practise the class at home. The video does take a few moments/minutes before it plays. We recommend using your Wi-Fi home broadband to view the video rather than use expensive mobile broadband. The video is about 500MB.

We also have some history that you were never taught in school. Our Australian History tutor, Jim Poulter, has written these articles over the last four years for his monthly column ‘Birrarung Stories’ in the Warrandyte Diary community newspaper. Contact us if you would like Jim to discuss the various themes.

U3A Online

U3A Online is a virtual U3A that delivers its classes on the Internet. It is independant from U3A Ringwood. All that’s needed to access their classes is to

  1. Join U3A Online (small annual fee payable),

  2. Have access to a computer or other device with an Internet connection and

  3. Have some basic computing skills.

Online Classes