Lunchtime Presentations

Our Lunch-time presentations have proven to be so popular that they will continue during the Term 3-4 break and until the end of Term 4. So, pack your lunch and a pour glass of wine or cup of coffee or whatever else you drink at lunch-time and join us each Wednesday for a very interesting series of presentations.  Not only will the presentations be interesting and informative, but are sure to be entertaining and of course, there will be the opportunity to ask questions.

All Lunch-time presentations, (unless advised otherwise) will be held at ‘high noon’ (12.00pm) on each Wednesday until the last week of Term 4 when it will occur on Monday, 30 November. It is envisaged that each session will conclude around but perhaps, little after 1.00pm.

Although we would appreciate those members who wish to attend a presentation letting us know for planning purposes (, if you make a late decision to attend, you will still be welcome to do so.

Refer to your emailed Zoom invitation for key information needed to join our Zoom based presentations.
As a security measure, you are asked to not share the meeting access information, other than with other U3A Ringwood members. If you are not familiar with using Zoom you can visit our website  where you find comprehensive guidance as to how to safely use Zoom (which you will find is very easy to use).

Our Lunch-time Presentations

Your Health is in your Hands Series: Presenter – Kathie Bishop
Kathie joined U3A Ringwood over ten years ago and found that it was a great help in her transition from working part time as a Registered Nurse to retirement. Kathie is a member of your Committee, Office Duty Roster Manager and has run two Summer School courses on Anatomy and Healthy Living.

Her series of presentations are designed to help you navigate the health difficulties that arise with ageing bodies and give you the information to help you make choices that can make your life more comfortable.
The more knowledge you have, the less confusion there is about how to handle those changes that may impact on you and your ability to cope with them.

My Life as Country Lawyer and University Lecturer: Presenter – Alastair McCracken
Prior to joining U3A Ringwood, Alastair followed a family tradition (his forebears established the respected law firm McCracken and McCracken) to have a very distinguished career in the law in Wangaratta and later as an academic at Swinburne University.

Alastair is well known at U3A Ringwood not only as Vice President but for his Elders and the Law class and his periodic presentations on various aspects of the law as it applies to senior citizens. However, on this occasion he will discuss his life as a ‘country lawyer’ and his enjoyable and fulfilling thirteen years as a law lecturer at Swinburne University.
Alastair’s experience in dealing with the problems of ordinary people as well as colourful characters, makes a great backdrop for a presentation that should not be missed.

Elders and the Law (and the Pandemic): Presenter – Alastair McCracken
This is Alastair’s second presentation and will be broad ranging, dealing generally with the law in our daily lives (including during the pandemic), the growing complexities of modern society and the need for laws to effectively deal with these complexities.

Alastair will also deal with aspects of the law which particularly relate to ‘elders’ and where assistance is available.

Save Your Own Life: Presenter – Viki Wright Rivett
 Viki Wright Rivett is an author, a former senior feature writer and editor on mainstream newspapers. She has taught writing in various forms for most of forty years.  She has lectured at four Sydney universities, and has run her own college: The Blue Mountains Centre for Journalism. 

Many of her former students have had books and articles published.  Her life has been too rich and long to fit into one memoir so, having almost finished the first one (to age 20) she is now engaged in the second that covers her adult life.
In the relentless forward push of living it is easy to forget the details of your life.  Not the headlines – they tend to stay – but the small, often amusing often illuminating little happenings that get lost like autumn leaves.  So catch them, and start to make a record, a memoir of your life.  Its great value will be the gift it makes for those who come after you.  Don’t you wish you had asked questions of your grandparents? You will learn some steps, some tips and do some foundational exercises.
The Last Private Detective: Presenter: – Robert (Bob) Jackson
 Prior to retirement, Bob was a respected licensed private investigator who rubbed shoulders with ‘colourful characters’, the constabulary, fornicators, cheats and many ‘surprised’ members of the public.

Bob will tell you about his experience in the time when private investigators had broad and far reaching rights to interpose on people’s lives and in particular their peccadilloes.
Buddhist Psychology and its Application to Mental Health: Presenter – John Robertson
John is a very active member of U3A Ringwood and a practicing Psychiatrist consulting at Maroondah Hospital and in his own private practice.

John is a man of many interests beyond his profession, among which are music, nature, tennis, chess and whisky. John has previously made a very relevant and well received presentation on Strategies for Good Mental Health During the Pandemic. However, on this occasion John will speak about Buddhist Psychology and its application to Mental Health.

Watch for this, as John is a very engaging speaker and his topic is sure to be of broad interest and relevant to our situation today.

Australia’s Clean Energy Transition: Why it is happening and what are the key opportunities and challenges?: Presenter – Mark Wakeham
 Mark Wakeham is the Senior Advisor, Climate, Energy and Just Transitions at the ACTU. Prior to that he held leadership positions at Australian environment NGOs over almost two decades, most recently as CEO of Environment Victoria.

Australia is in the midst of a rapid shift away from coal-fired electricity towards cleaner energy sources. But this shift, necessary to limit climate change, has been chaotic and at times poorly planned. Energy and climate change policy expert Mark Wakeham will walk you through Australia’s energy transition, what’s driving it, and where are the key opportunities and challenges in the years to come.

Life and Times of a Corporate Warrior: Presenter – Daryl James
Prior to his retirement, Daryl had over 40 years’ experience as a senior industrial relations manager and employer advocate in the civil, mechanical and building construction industries and the aviation industry.

His experience with highly unionised workforces in a calling that then brimmed full of colourful characters, provides a unique vantage point from which to recount some interesting and sometimes amusing events and the personalities involved and maybe, the way ahead.

 My Life as a Guide at the Melbourne Museum: Presenter – Pauline Ruse 
Pauline is a past tutor at U3A Ringwood who has been a volunteer guide at the Melbourne Museum since the late 1980. Firstly, at the Swanston Street State Library and since 2000, at the current site beside the Melbourne Exhibition centre.

Her experience in showing visitors from all around the world the Museum and their reaction to various exhibits are not only interesting but sometimes very surprising indeed. Pauline’s knowledge of those exhibits and resources that no-one seems to know are there and their history, will enthral us all.

 The High Noon, Lunch-time Presentation Series Calendar Put these dates in your diary – You can’t afford to miss even one!

Date Day Presentation
9 September Wednesday Your Health is in your Hands – Heart and Lungs Health
16 September Wednesday My Life as a Country Lawyer and University Lecturer
23 September Wednesday Save Your Own Life
30 September Wednesday Life and Times of a Corporate Warrior
7 October Wednesday Your Health is in your Hands – Eye and Ear Health
14 October Wednesday Australia’s Clean Energy Transition: Why it is happening and what are the key opportunities and challenges?
21 October Wednesday Your Health is in your Hands –   Skin Health Awareness
28 October Wednesday The Last Private Detective
4 November Wednesday Your Health is in your Hands –  Kidney and Bowel Health
11 November Wednesday Elders and the Law (and the Pandemic)
18 November Wednesday Your Health is in your Hands – Bones and Muscles Health
25 November Wednesday Buddhist Psychology and its Application to Mental Health
30 November Monday My Life as a Volunteer Tour Guide at the Melbourne Museum


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