Lunchtime Presentations

Our 2020 Lunch-time presentations have proven to be so popular that they will restart during the summer holidays of  January 2021.  So, pack your lunch and a pour glass of wine or cup of coffee or whatever else you drink at lunch-time and join us each Wednesday for a very interesting series of presentations.  There will be the opportunity to ask questions.

All lunch-time presentations, will be held at ‘high noon’ (12.00pm) on the last three Wednesdays of January 2021. It is envisaged that each session will conclude around 1.00pm.

Although we would appreciate those members who wish to attend a presentation letting us know for planning purposes (, if you make a late decision to attend, you will still be welcome to do so.

Refer to your emailed Zoom invitation for key information needed to join our Zoom based presentations. 

As a security measure, you are asked to not share the meeting access information, other than with other U3A Ringwood members. If you are not familiar with using Zoom check out our Online classes post where you find comprehensive guidance as to how to safely use Zoom (which you will find is very easy to use).

Our 2021 Summer Holidays Programme

Reflections of My Life – Retired Police Inspector Bob Tucker

12.00 noon on Wednesday 13 January 2021

Bob Tucker is a retired Victoria police inspector who is now learning to become a writer.

Bob Tucker’s father was a fruit grower, on the edge of a small irrigation settlement on the upper Murray of South Australia. Bob thought he would also be a fruit grower but came to realise that this was a hard, uncertain life and turned to the city and the Victoria Police for his career. He imagined that when he retired as an Inspector that he would amuse his numerous grandchildren with stories of his achievements, adventures, misadventures, funny incidents and fearful moments. He never imagined the modern world of personal devices, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and gaming. The focus of the grandchildren is either on the small screen or the refrigerator so his stories have been untold. But wait, maybe there is another audience…

‘The News’ – From Caveman to Today

12.00 noon on Wednesday 20 January 2021

Author and former-journalist Viki Wright Rivett presents “Adventures at End of a Pen” at U3A Ringwood.

Journalists tend to believe that their work is the first draft of history, but humans have been leaving each other “news” items for thousands of years. Often their cave paintings are the main clues we have about ancient societies. The invention of the printing press made it increasingly easy for people to disseminate the news and then, in the 20th Century, some powerful individuals were able to turn news into profit by selling advertising on its pages. And now there are new ways for individuals to spread stories – fake or otherwise – and the days of newspapers seem to be over. But are they? ………………………

How Did They Do It? – The Buildings of Medieval France

12.00 noon on Wednesday 27 January 2021

Award-winning former architect John James describes himself as “a scholar, farmer, therapist and activist and therefore not entirely trustworthy. John has explored the world of ideas and facts with passion. Author of a dozen books and a truck-load of articles on all the above.

There were no architects in medieval France. Yet the astounding buildings we all love were not produced by fairies. Stone is heavy, glass and iron hot to handle. Timber burns, as we know. Sculpture rots and shatters, as we have seen. There were no contractors, builders, or engineers as we know them. They had no tape measures, nor ways to copy plans or leave instructions. So how did they do it? That’s the story John will explore with you. It’s a story that goes back to Classical times and the real dark of the Dark Ages. It is based on a few ideas written in the sand by the Ancients, by the Wise and the Enlightened. It’s the story of intelligence and skill and ingenuity. And how inspiration found a way to manifest these astounding buildings 

The High Noon, Lunch-time Presentation Series Calendar

Put these dates in your diary – You can’t afford to miss even one!





13 Jan 2021


Reflections of My Life – Retired Police Inspector Bob Tucker

20 Jan 2021


‘The News’ – From Caveman to Today

27 Jan 2021


How Did They Do It? – The Buildings of Medieval France

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