Prepare For Return to F2F Classes

U3A Ringwood

U3A Ringwood has developed a CovidSafe Plan for how  our classes and activities are conducted during the Covid19 pandemic. 

Our plan is aimed at making our activities safe for you and to ensure that all members know what is required of them.

Check out the following for important information related to getting proof of your vaccination status.

Some class leaders may decide, from time to time,  that it will be best to run their class on-line using Zoom. The members enrolled in these classes will be advised directly about how to join their class online.

You do not need to provide U3A Ringwood with proof of your COVID19 vaccination status if you only wish to enrol in our online classes.

If a class is suspended it will recommence when permitted within the applicable COVID19 restrictions.

Some timetable adjustments have been necessary to meet Covid19 restrictions. Fortunately, we have been able to retain the same day, same start and finish time, and same venue for all classes originally listed to be held at Parkwood (only the classroom is changed), with the exception of ‘National Affairs’, ‘International Affairs’ and ‘Elders and the Law’. Due to the number of members enrolled exceeding the capacity of the rooms at Parkwood, these classes have been relocated to the Kevin Pratt Pavilion at their usual time on their usual day, vis:

  • International Affairs: Monday at 9.30 – 11.00am, in the Downstairs room conducted on the 2nd Monday then alternate Mondays)

  • National Affairs: Monday at 9.30 – 11.00am, in the Downstairs room (conducted on the 1st Monday then alternate Mondays)

  • Elders and the Law: Wednesday at 1.30 – 3.00pm in the Upstairs room

Note: The Kevin Pratt Pavilion is located within the Mullum Reserve, at 58 – 60 Mullum Mullum Road Ringwood North, VIC 3134 (this venue is also signed as the ‘Norwood Sporting Club’).

The revised class timetable is available online here and in print friendly format here.

Everyone needs to record their attendance using the QR code at each location.

If you have a suitable smartphone you must install and use the Victorian Government’s Services Victoria app. You can download the Services Victoria app from the App Store (for Apple smart phones) or Google Play (for Android smart phones). It’s free to download.  You can use the Services Victoria APP your smartphone to confirm your vaccination status.

If you do not have a suitable smartphone, or  you have problems using the Services Victoria app, then ask another member to assist you using their compatible smartphone. You cannot use someone else’s smartphone to confirm your vaccination status. 

If that fails then use our computer tablets, available in each classroom, to electronically check-in for contact tracing purposes. These tablets use the Victorian Government’s QR Kiosk facility that does not require you to use cameras or know QR location codes. The QR Kiosk facility cannot be used to confirm your Covid19 vaccination status. Please bring a printed Goverment issued vaccination certificate or Immunisation History statement to confirm your vaccination status.

Paper forms are no longer acceptable.

Currently, U3A Ringwood is required to ensure everyone attending our face to face classes/presentations and our office have had at least two Covid19 vaccination doses. This requirement may change in 2022.

You can  join U3A Ringwood and enrol in our classes without the need to provide evidence of your vaccination status unless you attend our Office.

However, new and existing members are to show us their valid COVID19 vaccine certificate or Immunisatiom History statement before they can attend classes. These documents can be digital or printed and remain your property. We just need to sight your valid evidence of dual vaccination status before you are able attend any class, presentation or our office..

The types of  valid vaccination status and how to get them is covered in “Getting Proof of your COVID19 Vaccination Status” below.

To get digital proof of your COVID19 vaccination status you need to:

  • Be double vaccinated against COVID19

  • Have a suitable smartphone (predominately those that are less than 6 years old and have the operating system kept up to date) with WiFi or mobile data connectivity. 

  • Have a Mygov account 

  • Have linked Medicare to your MyGov account

  • Have loaded the latest upgrade to the Services Victoria app (check the APP store on your phone).

There are a number of web sites that provide guidance on getting your digial proof of vaccination status and how to get a printed version. We recommend the following:

Services Australia

Services Victoria

Be Connected

SBS On Demand video

You can also  printout a Be Connected/Good Things Foundation guide for getting your vaccination status here.

If you have an older phone you may not able to run the Service Victoria app and you will need to use other ways of showing your vaccination certificate.

Download a guide to adding your digital vaccination certificate:

To your Android smartphone

To your iPhone

If you don’t have access to a suitable smartphone or have difficulty obtaining a digital vaccination certificate, you can ask your GP, pharmacy, or community centre where you received your vaccination to print it for you or call Services Australia on 1800 653 809 and ask them to send your immunisation history statement to you. It can take up to 14 days to arrive in the post.

You will require valid photo ID along with your printed proof of vaccination to enter a venue or business.

Should you have any questions or need clarification on any issue you can email the Committee at

Get Your Proof of Vaccination ASAP for Return of F2F Classes