Bored in Retirement? Looking For Things to Do?

Looking for retirement activities in and around Ringwood and Maroondah? Why not make your third age the time of your life?  You’re never too old to learn something new. 

At U3A Ringwood, we offer the retired and the semi-retired a lively spectrum of low cost retirement activities to challenge and engage the mind and body. 

So if you:

  • Are a senior citizen looking for things to do in retirement

  • Are retired or semi-retired, over 45 years old, and looking for day time activities to keep you busy

  • Are looking to improve your online digital skills on computers, smartphones, tablets and the internet

  • Want to keep your mind and body active

  • Have a wish-list of subjects you’d like to know more about, 

  • Have a physical activity you’ve always wanted to try, or

  • Have a desire to connect with your creative side 

  • Are looking for volunteering opportunities such as becoming a class leader

check out the low-cost membership on offer at U3A Ringwood. You can be sure you’ll be in very good company.