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If you need help you can contact us via email (anytime) or by phone (during office hours or leave a message). Check out out About Us page for other options for contacting us.

You access our online  Membership Management System using the blue Member Login button. Our online membership system provides an online, anytime, means of joining us, renewing your annual membership, updating your membership details or enrolling in our courses. 

Common Questions

I’ve forgotten my membership number / password / all my membership details, what do I do?

  1. If the membership management system is not already showing the login screen, click the Member Login link opposite  and you will be taken to the Membership System.  Click Log in on the left side menu.
  2. Click the appropriate link under Help Links:
    • Forgot Password?: Fill in the form in order to receive a password reset email.
      See this document for more detailed instructions if needed.
    • Forgot member number?: Fill in the form in order to retrieve your membership number.
    • Forgot all login  details?: Fill in the form. A volunteer member will contact you with login details.

I Have a Problem Retrieving / Resetting My Password

All member records are protected by a password set by the member.

You shouldn’t let others know your password

Our System Administrators do not know your password but you are able to reset it:

  • using the “Retrieve/ Reset a password“ guide below, or
  • by sending us an email for help. We will help you through the process of resetting your password online.

How Do I Join?

Note: If you are or have ever been a member of  U3A Ringwood, do not join again. Follow the instructions under “How do I renew” below.

You can join online by:

  1. Click  Join in the left side menu of the membership management system.
  2. Fill in the form and submit it.
  3. After you have joined, you will receive a confirmation email with your login details.
  4. You can then login to the membership management system.
  5. After enrolling in at least one course (see below), you can pay your membership fee.

For more details on memberships, or to join offline, visit the memberships page.

How Do I Renew?

You can renew your membership online by:

  1. If the membership management system is not already showing the login screen, click the Log in on the left side menu.
  2. Login with your membership number / email address and password.
  3. Enrol in one or more courses (see below).
  4. After enrolling in at least one course, you can pay your membership renewal fee.

For more details on memberships, or to renew offline, visit the Membership page.

How do I enrol in courses ?

  • Click on Courses in Left Hand menu
  • Use the navigation arrows (or the filters)  to find the courses you wish to enrol in. The courses are sorted by Day then by course name with the day.
  • Click on the course to show its details.
  • Read the details and, if the course is for you, click on ADD TO CART. Repeat this for all other courses you want to enrol in.
  • When you have selected all the classes you want to enrol in click on CHECKOUT on left hand menu. 
  • Review Your Checkout Summary then click on ‘I have read and agree to the U3A Ringwood Code of Conduct’ checkbox. You can read this document if you click on available here on the summary screen. click on CHECKOUT (you need to click the checkbox to activate the CHECKOUT button).
  • If you CHECKOUT is successful you will see an invoice for the class (most will be $0 fee) and your membership fee if applicable.

How Do I Pay My Membership Fees?

In general there are no fees to add a new course if you are an active member in our membership system. A few tutors ask for fees in their courses to cover materials and other class necessities.

If you are not an active member your invoice will include your membership fees.


You can pay your fees immediately online or outside of our membership system.

To pay online:

  • Login to our member system as described above. Then click on My Invoices in the LHS menu.
  • Select your current invoice to view it.
  • If paying online click on the yellow PAY WITH PAYPAL icon on top of your invoice. You can use your PayPal account (if you have one) or with your credit/debit card (use Pay With Card option). Enter required information then click on Continue to make your payment. You do not need to have or to open a PayPal account to use the Pay With Card option.

If not paying online  your invoice has the alternate payment methods that we offer and you can download and print your invoice.


You can reprint your invoice by clicking on My Invoices on the left hand menu.

How do I report an absence from a course

Our Membership System U-MAS has a feature to allow a member to report an absence from a course. 

To let us know of an absence from a class you can either:

  1. call us
  2. email us
  3. use of online membership system

When you report an absence online, you and the tutor  will receive an email notification (if they have an email address).  The key steps are –

  1. Login (see above FAQ)
  2. Select “My Absences” from left hand menu
  3. Choose the course from the pulldown from which you will be absent.  If you will be absent from all your courses during the same date range select “All Courses”.
  4. Select an optional reason for the absence.  The default is “Other”.  The other options are “Holiday” or “Illness”
  5. Click on Submit and the absence will be recorded.

I have other questions, or I need additional assistance

Our friendly office staff will be happy to help you out. Please get in touch with us, using any of the methods listed on our Contact Us page.

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