Annual membership renewal occurs during the last two days of Melbourne Cup week. You can re-enroll after this date but paying your fees by card is not available.

Re-enrolling online involves 5 easy steps:

  • Click on the blue Member Login Icon
  • When the Membership System page is displayed, click “Login” on the Left Hand Side menu
  • Enter your membership number or email address and password. If you have forgotten or do not have a password click on “ I have forgotten my password” and fill in the details required then click on “Send email Link to Reset Password”.
When the forgotten password email is received, complete the prompts for your new password. Note the email may be sent to your spam folder.
You should do this step before the start of enrolment week. This will ensure that you have no problems accessing your information online.
Click on View Member Details on the menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
If you wish to make a change, go to Edit Member Details. Don’t forget to SAVE after making any alterations.
Consider becoming a volunteer. You can indicate your interest by selecting one or more of the volunteer categories under “I Can Help With”.

The steps to select your courses are:

  • Click on View or select Courses on the left-hand side menu
  • Click on the check box on left-hand side of course name in the list of displayed courses
  • Click on Confirm Selection

IMPORTANT Remember to tick Confirm Selection to save your choices once you have selected your course/s by ticking the relevant box.

Courses with ** in Their Name If you enrol in a class with a ** in its name you will be waitlisted initially because Leaders of these classes have indicated that a certain skill level or class continuance is required. You will be advised by email if you have been accepted.

If you enroll in a class that is full you will be waitlisted until a place becomes available to you.
Once you have completed the above steps:
  • Tick the Agree to Terms and Conditions checkbox
  •  Finalise your selection by clicking on Finalise Courses

There no need to print your invoice
IMPORTANT Remember to click on Finalise Courses. If you don’t then your enrolments with NOT be recorded.
You can pay your annual membership fee (by card, cash or cheque) during our Membership Week event on last two week days of Melbourne Cup week. Please bring exact amount if paying by cash as change may not be available. Alternatively, you can pay at our office with correct amount of cash or by cheque. The office is open week days 9:30AM to Noon (excluding Tuesdays and school/public holidays) up to the end of Term 4.
Please bring a copy of your signed 2020 membership application form (provided seperately) with you. Since you have enrolled online all you need to do to complete the application form is (1) Write  your name at the top of the form (2) Tick the boxes to say you have enrolled online and have checked your details and (3) Sign and date the form.