Paying Your Fees Online

We have introduced Pay with PayPal and Bank Transfer (online Banking) as online ways of paying your membership fees.

In general, there are no fees to add a new course if you are an active member in our membership system. A few tutors seperately ask for fees, from class members, to cover materials and other class necessities. 

 If you are not an active member your invoice will include your membership fees.

  • Enrol as a new member if not already a member

  • Login to our membership system

  • Click on Courses in Left Hand menu

  • Use the navigation arrows (or the filters) to find the courses you wish to enrol in. The courses are sorted by Day then by course name with the day.

  • Click on the course to show its details.

  • Read the details and, if the course is for you, click on ADD TO CART. Repeat this for all other courses you want to enrol in.

  • When you have selected all the classes you want to enrol in click on CHECKOUT on left hand menu. 

  • Review Your Checkout Summary then click on ‘I have read and agree to the U3A Ringwood Code of Conduct’ You can read this document if you click on available here on the summary screen. click on CHECKOUT (you need to click the checkbox to activate the CHECKOUT button).

  • If your CHECKOUT is successful you will see an invoice for the class (most will be $0 fee) and your membership fee if applicable. 

If there’s an amount payable on your invoice it’s easy to pay your online with Pay with PayPal.

After you click on CHECKOUT its time to pay any associated fees.

Click on the Pay With PayPal button to pay with your PayPal account

  • If you have PayPal account you can sign on to your PayPal account to pay your invoice

  • If you have no PayPal account you can pay with your credit/debit card .

    • Click on Pay with a Card. 

    • Enter your card information and other required information.

    • There is no need to create a PayPal account to make your payment by card.

    • Click on Continue when you are ready to proceed. You should receive a payment confirmation email from U3A Ringwood and PayPal.

There are no paper forms to complete when you join/re-enrol online and use Pay With PayPal. There’s also no need to go to our office unless you need a membership badge.


If there’s an amount payable on your invoice it’s easy to pay your online with a Bank transfer via online banking. To use this method:

  • Click on Invoices in after logging into our membership system

  • Display your outstanding invoice or write down the amount to be paid and the invoice number (to be used later)

  • Log out of our membership system

  • Login to your Bank’s online banking application. You need to use your financial institution’s internet banking facility as you need to be able to provide your surname and membership number on your payment. Not all Banks have this capability for deposits made at their branches.

  • Select Pay Anyone or Pay With PAYID or similar named option in your online banking application. Check with your financial institution as each differs in their approach.

  • Enter our PAYID and the payment amount carefully.

  • After you have entered the PAYID and clicked on VERIFY please ensure it shows as registered to U3A Ringwood Inc

  • Ensure that you have included your invoice number, surname and your member number in the narrative of your Bank transfer.

There’s no paper forms to complete when you join/re-enrol online and pay your fees online via a Bank transfer completed in your financial institution’s Online Banking application. There’s also no need to go to our office unless you need a membership badge.

  • U3A Ringwood, PayPal and your financial institution will normally not charge you transaction fees when you pay your membership fees online. Check with your financial institution for their current fees.

  • You need a MasterCard/Visa credit or debit card (or PayPal account), Internet access and an eMail address to use Pay with PayPal.

  • Bank EFTPOS cards may work with Pay With PayPal. Bank issued Visa or MasterCard credit and debit cards will work.

  • If using Bank Transfer to pay your fees please use your financial institution’s Fast Payments/OSKO payments facility within their online banking facility. 

  • Our PAYID is

  • If you’re worried about sending money to the wrong person, PAYID will help. When you make a payment to a PAYID, the owner of the PAYID is shown to you before you approve the payment.

  • You can find out more about using PAYIDs from your Bank by googling for “XXXXXXX PAYID” where XXXXXXXX is the common abbreviation of your financial institution. For example you could search for “NAB PAYID” to find the National Australia Bank’s information on how to use PAYID with them.

  • Please do not use a bank deposit at financial institution’s branch as some financial institutions do not allow narratives to be added for over the counter deposits or transfers. If you do, we may not be able to apply your payment.

  • If you prefer not to pay online, you can pay your membership fee at our office by cash or cheque. We do not accept card payments at our office. You need to pay your fees within 10 days and to bring your completed membership application and class selection forms with you. You can also post us your completed forms with your cheque for your fees (no cash via this method).

The following video  explains how to use PAYID to pay and receive funds without providing your BSB and account numbers.

Pay Your Membership Fees Online.