First, you need to be a financial member of U3A Ringwood to enrol in our member only courses and activities. Checkout our membership page for more information. Second, you need to select the courses you want to join. This can be done either:

  • online or
  • by use paper based forms

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions can viewed online here or you can download a printer friendly version by clicking on the following:

Course Timetable

We run our courses according to Victorian school terms and we do not run classes on public holidays. This means there is usually no courses running during school and public holidays except for:

  • Classes where the Class Leader has requested this option. This is an exception rather than a norm.
  • Summer classes as they are held annually in January
Click here to view our courses online.
We show next year's courses starting 1st November annually. Please contact our office if you are interested in enrolling in a course during Term 4.
TIP: You can sort our class list if you click on any column headings that is underlined.

Online Course Selection

Online course selection is a simple three step process. You can use this process:

  • When you first enrol online as a U3A Ringwood member and when you re-enrol online for next year
  • When you want to join a course mid term
  • Click on the blue Member Login Icon
  • When login page is displayed, cick on “Login” on the Left Hand Side menu
  • Enter membership number or email address and password.

If you have forgotten or do not have a password click on “ I have forgotten my password” and fill in the details required then click on “Send email Link to Reset Password”.
When the email is received complete the prompts for your new password. Note the email may be sent to your spam folder,
  • Click on View or select Courses on the left-hand side menu
  • Click on the check box, on left-hand side of course name, for each course you wish to enroll in
  • Click on Confirm Selection

IMPORTANT Remember to click on Confirm Selection to save your choices once you have selected your course/s by ticking the relevant box.
Courses with ** in their title. If you enrol in a class that has ** in their course title,  you will be waitlisted initially because Leaders of these classes have indicated that a certain skill level or class continuance is required. You will be advised by email if you have been accepted.
Completing your enrolment online
  • Tick the Agree to Terms and Conditions
  • Finalise by clicking on Finalise Courses button

If there's a fee associated with your course selection, please print your invoice and take it to our Office together with your full payment by either:  

  • the correct amount of cash (no change may be available)
  • or a cheque for the full amount.

IMPORTANT Remember to click on Finalise Courses. If you don’t then your enrolments with NOT be recorded.

Selecting Courses Using Paper Forms

Our paper membership application is also used to select the courses you want to enrol in. It can be download here or obtained by contacting our office.
The completed form can be:
  • Mailed to us with your cheque payment, to U3A Ringwood Inc, 35-39 Tortice Drive Ringwood North, Vic 3134 or
  • Delivered to the office, with your cash or cheque payment, during office hours.

Changing Courses Or Removing Yourself From a Course

To change courses you need to enrol in the new course and remove yourself from the old course. You can enrol in new courses online, at anytime, when you login to our membership system. However you cannot remove yourself from a course except via a Change Class form.
To remove yourself from a course and to enrol in a new course (using a paper form) please download and complete our Change Class form below:
Change Class Form
The completed form can be: Mailed to us to:
  • U3A Ringwood Inc, 35-39 Tortice Drive Ringwood North, Vic 3134, or
  • Delivered to the office during office hours.

Web Based Courses from U3A Online

Fee-based online courses are available at U3A Online.