Courses Available

Enjoy your retirement. The courses available at U3A Ringwood are for learning (for its own sake) and for the enjoyment of our members. They cover a wide range of no-additional cost or low-cost courses and activities to seniors and those in retirement or in semi-retirement. Our courses include:

  • Activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Exercise to Music, Shi Ba Shi, Table Tennis, 

  • Line dancing

  • Armchair travel

  • Discussion groups on current affairs (national and international)

  • Drawing and sketching, writing, card making

  • Poetry, Music, Film and Art appreciation

  • Computer help and free basic digital skills mentoring

  • Foreign Languages, Speechcraft, Family History, etc

  • Out and About excursions

  • Wine appreciation, Quilting, Elders and the Law and much more

Our courses:

  • Run between early  February and the first week of December although we offer short summer classes in January.

  • Run for one to two hours between 9:30AM and 4:00PM weekdays excluding school and public holidays

  • Are held in one of our three locations in Ringwood and Ringwood North

  • Are run by volunteer class leaders. This helps us to maintain our low fees. 

  • Usually have no prerequisites. You can check a course’s prerequisites in its course description.

  • Do not have additional class fees except for a few that involve the purchase of class materials, reference books, library fees, etc

Course descriptions and timetables are provided below. You select the courses you want to join. This can be done either:

  • online or

  • by use paper based forms

Membership Required

You must be a member of U3A Ringwood to be able to officially enrol in a course or activity. 

 Checkout our membership page for information on how to become a member. 

Course Descriptions

2024 Course Descriptions can viewed online or you can download a printer friendly version by clicking one of the following:

Note: Viewing Online.

You will be able to see details for a course if you click on its name. You can sort most columns by clicking on the column heading. If you hover your mouse over a course name you will see if there are places available in the course. The background the course’s name is used to indicate if a course is full, finished, etc

Course Time Table and Locations

We run our courses according to Victorian school terms across three locations. We do not run classes on public holidays.

This means there is usually no course running during school and public holidays except for:

  • Classes where the Course Leader has requested this option. This is an exception rather than a norm.

  • Summer classes as they are held annually in January

Online Course Selection

Online course selection is a simple three step process.

Step 1: Login In

If you have forgotten or do not have a password click on  Fogotten Password?  and fill in the details required then click on Submit.

When the email is received complete the prompts for your new password. Note the email may have been sent to your spam folder if it’s not in your INBOX within 5 minutes.

Step 2: Enrol in your Classes
  • Click on Courses in Left Hand menu
  • Use the navigation arrows (or the filters)  to find the courses you wish to enrol in. The courses are sorted by Day then by course name with the day.
  • Click on the course to show its details.
  • Read the details and, if the course is for you, click on ADD TO CART. Repeat this for all other courses you want to enrol in.
  • When you have selected all the classes you want to enrol in click on CHECKOUT on left hand menu. 
  • Review Your Checkout Summary then click on ‘I have read and agree to the U3A Ringwood Code of Conduct’ checkbox. You can read this document if you click on available here on the summary screen. click on CHECKOUT (you need to click the checkbox to activate the CHECKOUT button).
  • If you CHECKOUT is successful you will see an invoice for the class (most will be $0 fee) and your membership fee if applicable.
Step 3: Pay Your membership Fee

After you click on CHECKOUT its time to pay any associated fees.


In general there are no fees to add a new course if you are an active member in our membership system. A few tutors ask for fees in their courses to cover materials and other class necessities.


If you are not an active member your invoice will include your membership fees.


You can pay your fees immediately or offline.


  • If paying online click on the yellow Pay With PayPal button to pay with your PayPal account (sign on to your PayPal account required)  or with your credit/debit card (no PayPal account required – use Pay with a Card. Enter your card information and other required information. There is no need to create a PayPal account to make your payment by card. Click on Continue when you are ready to proceed. You should receive a payment confirmation email from U3A Ringwood and PayPal.
  • If paying offline you can download a PDF of  your invoice. The various offline payment options are shown on the invoice. You can reprint your invoice by clicking on My Invoices on the left hand menu.

You can use this three step process:

  • When you first enrol online as a U3A Ringwood member and when you re-enrol online for next year

  • When you want to join a course mid term

Using Paper Forms

Changing Courses Or Removing Yourself From a Course

You can enrol in new classes at anytime. However you need to request us to remove you from a class.

Using Online system

After you login to our membership system:

  • Select My Enrolments on left hand menu
  • Click on the heading for the class you wish to remove yourself from
  • Finally, click on Request Removal.

An email will be sent to our system administrator who will action your request.

Use Change Class form

Use the  Change Class form below to:

  • To remove yourself from a course, or

  • To enrol in a new course (if you prefer not to do this online)  

The completed form can be: 

  • Posted to U3A Ringwood Inc, 35-39 Tortice Drive Ringwood North, Vic 3134, or

  • Delivered to our office.