As a financial U3A Ringwood member you are able to attend any of the courses we offer subject to places being available, class prerequisites, etc.

You need to be a financial member to attend classes. Membership is per calendar year and must be renewed each year.

Your annual membership fee covers the cost of providing courses however there are a small number of classes that have extra charges for materials or other costs such as book club fees.

Membership Types

U3A Ringwood has three types of membership:

  • Full membership (this is the standard membership for most members)
  • Associate membership for current financial members of other U3As who wish to also attend U3A Ringwood classes
  • Honorary membership for tutors and others that have been approved by the Committee

How to Join or Renew your Membership

If you are joining us for the first time you can either do so online or with paper forms.

If you wish to join online, you need to have an email address and click on on the “Members Login” icon opposite and then click on Enrol as A New Member. Once you complete and submit the form, we will send you an email explaining how to login, check your details and enrol in our classes.

If you prefer paper membership forms, you can ask for a form from our Office or download one using the Download icon below.

If you are an existing U3A Ringwood member, you start your annual membership renewal when you enrol in next year’s courses. This can be done either online or by using paper forms. If you wish to use the online option you do not need to re-enter your membership details as you are already a member. If you wish to use our paper membership forms, you can ask for a form from our Office or download it using the Download icon below.

You can view our current membership fees by downloading this document.

If you are  re-joining U3A Ringwood, you may already be in our system. Please contact our office for advice on how to re-join us.

Membership Commitment and Code of Conduct

In applying for membership of U3A Ringwood, applicants agree that should their application be successful, they accept and comply with the Membership Commitment and Code of Conduct.

U3A Ringwood promotes a shared understanding of appropriate conduct and ethical standards for members (including Committee members and Class Leaders) in their interactions with each other during all U3A Ringwood activities.

Need help?

Our friendly office staff will be happy to help you out. Please get in touch with us, using any of the methods listed on our About Us page.