Online Lunchtime Presentations

Lunchtime Presentations   Our popular online lunch-time presentations have concluded but will return as face to face presentations when allowed, and practical, under COVID19 restrictions. If online, they will be on Zoom and the  Zoom invite information will be emailed

Online Classes

Online Classes About our Zoom Classes We have two types of Zoom classes at U3A Ringwood. (1) Those that are only held on Zoom during COVID19 lockdowns. These classes run face to face outside of lockdowns. (2) Those that are

Member Badges

Member Badges You will be issued with a green temporary badge and lanyard when you pay your joining fees. An on-going, yellow membership badge will be issued to you soon after you have paid your joining fees. You can obtain

Grant Updates

Grant Updates U3A Ringwood has received the following grants. These grants are important to our aim to keep membership fees low and for providing services to our community, our members and our tutors. U3A Ringwood Inc acknowledges the ongoing support

Member System Help

Member System Help U3A Ringwood uses the UMAS membership application provided by U3A Network Victoria. UMAS allows you to use any internet connected device to: View our courses including what they offer, their location, frequency, available places, etc Join U3A Ringwood


Defibrillators @ All Locations U3A Ringwood has access to: A defibrillator at the Parkwood Community Hub Two defibrillators at the Kevin Pratt Pavilion / Norwood Sporting Club, and A defibrillator at the 7th Ringwood Scout group They are not owned

Members’ Voices

Members’ Voices I have made so many friends since I joined U3A Ringwood. Retirement is great!” Margaret Member “The American history component of English Poetry has opened up a world of information that I knew nothing about.” John Member “Our