System Administrator Login

U3A Ringwood has implemented a new member front-end to UMAS that runs on any device and is simplier to use.

If you want to:

  • Join Us

  • Review your membership details

  • Review your enrolments

  • Review your invoices

  • View our courses

  • Enrol in our courses

  • Report your absences

You should click on the Member Login button on right hand side of this window. If you try to access the classic UMAS web application, as a general member, you will be redirected to the modern UMAS front end.

If you are a Systems Administrator or a class leader/tutor, and you want to perform tasks associated with that role,  click on the Classic UMAS web-based application button below to access the classic version of UMAS. The button is not shown on smartphones as text is too small to be usable. It is shown on tablets, laptops and desktops.